24 Ottobre 2016

Felipe Pantone | Optichromie 69

Felipe Pantone continues to overrun cities with his unique creations at an astonishing rate and these prints are a brave effort at capturing the charm of his craft. Part of his “Optichromies” series, this print explores visual effects by the juxtaposition of intense colors (color spectrums, chromachrome, digital environments) and optical art elements (speed sensation, eye fatigue, excitement). They help Pantone to understand through visual work the way he operates in the times that we live in. “Optichromie 69” is […]
12 Settembre 2016

Fintan Magee | The Lighthouse

Our first print of September comes from Fintan Magee, who just in case you didn’t get the memo, is pretty fucking awesome. Originally hailing from Brisbane he became one of the most up names in Australia. “The Lighthouse” comes from his “Waterworld” series of paintings, telling stories of the artists’ personal experience during the 2011 Brisbane floods. Fintan Magee uses a mixture of storytelling, dream like imagery and dynamic figurative work to talk about issues surrounding the environment and climate change. The […]
18 Luglio 2016

One Night Show

We recently celebrated our 13th birthday with an exhibition of street art which was held in the city of Turin in Italy. Located at the Docks Dora, the exhibition took place in an underground abandoned basement which was filled with thirty silkscreen prints from a selection of internationally renowned artists of street art. The works featured names such as Shepard Fairey, Blu, Borondo, Pixel Pancho to Saner, Alexis Diaz, Fintan Magee, Askew One, Vinz, Jaz, Deih, Hua Tunan, Ana Maria, Axel Void, […]
20 Maggio 2016

Tellas | Under the City

Grown up in Sardinian’s harsh lands, Tellas’ research is based on a non-urban aesthetics, his works are a personal and intimate vision of the elements of natural landscapes. A meditative process that combines space and shape characterise his work. Listed as one of the 25 most interesting street artists worldwide by the Huffington Post US in 2014, the Italian artist develops his art in various fields: murals, drawing, painting, installations, printing techniques, audio-video productions. “Under The […]
16 Maggio 2016

SAVE THE DATE! Sericraft Party 2016

14 Aprile 2016

Milano – Typographic Map

La Mappa Tipografica di Milano è nuovamente disponibile! Serigrafia a 3 colori su carta in tiratura limitata, design by Gore & Steuso,  II edition 2016 Non fartela scappare!
8 Marzo 2016

Caravan Festival Youssoufia – Morocco

Thanks to our friend Pixel Pancho for inviting us in this amazing adventure!