20 novembre 2017


Quando una band come Elio e le Storie Tese si scioglie c’è solo una cosa da fare: celebrarla. E quale miglior modo di un Rock Poster per l’ultimo concerto? Così si sono rivolti a noi per la realizzarlo, ma celebrare solo l’ultimo concerto ci sembrava riduttivo, allora abbiamo deciso di realizzare due poster, uno per il concerto d’addio e uno che rappresentasse i grandi successi degli EELST. Eccovi il risultato! POSTER CONCERTO D’ADDIO Serigrafia a 5 […]
30 ottobre 2017

Graw Jump Ramps & Sericraft X DC Shoes

17 ottobre 2017

Lavora con noi!

Selezioniamo uno stampatore / serigrafo  per un tirocinio finalizzato all’assunzione. Durata 6 mesi Sericraft seleziona tirocinante addetto al laboratorio Serigrafico. Gradita conoscenza della tecnica di stampa. Ricerchiamo una figura versatile che possa occuparsi di diverse mansioni all’interno di tutto il ciclo produttivo. Inviare CV a: lab@sericraft.com Si prenderanno in considerazione i curriculum arrivati entro e non oltre venerdì 27 ottobre 2017. Aut. Min. 1 1 1 1-SG Le offerte si intendono rivolte a persone di entrambi […]
21 luglio 2017

Pixelpancho | Lollapalooza 2017 Official Poster

Chicago is a city that loves its parades. St. Patrick’s Day to Thanksgiving, presidential inaugurations to baseball championships, and Helenic Heritage to Pride – there are plenty of opportunities to hit the streets and fly your freak flag. For the 2017 Lollapalooza poster, street artist Pixelpancho played on that tradition and imagined Lollapalooza as an old-timey street fair complete with marching band. His version gets a surrealist spin with the musicians as robots, one of […]
15 dicembre 2016

D*FACE “Till Death Do Us (P)art” Print Release 16.12.16

Tomorrow, just in time for Christmas, we will be releasing a brand new edition by British artist D*FACE entitled “Till Death Do Us (P)art”. This print is a limited edition of 50, it measures 50 x 70 cm, seven color hand pulled screen print on Hanemuhle 300GSM paper and comes signed and numbered by D*FACE. Each print is priced at £375 and limited at 1 per household. “Till Death Do Us (P)art” will be available at an […]
24 ottobre 2016

Felipe Pantone | Optichromie 69

Felipe Pantone continues to overrun cities with his unique creations at an astonishing rate and these prints are a brave effort at capturing the charm of his craft. Part of his “Optichromies” series, this print explores visual effects by the juxtaposition of intense colors (color spectrums, chromachrome, digital environments) and optical art elements (speed sensation, eye fatigue, excitement). They help Pantone to understand through visual work the way he operates in the times that we live in. “Optichromie 69” is […]
12 settembre 2016

Fintan Magee | The Lighthouse

Our first print of September comes from Fintan Magee, who just in case you didn’t get the memo, is pretty fucking awesome. Originally hailing from Brisbane he became one of the most up names in Australia. “The Lighthouse” comes from his “Waterworld” series of paintings, telling stories of the artists’ personal experience during the 2011 Brisbane floods. Fintan Magee uses a mixture of storytelling, dream like imagery and dynamic figurative work to talk about issues surrounding the environment and climate change. The […]