20 Agosto 2015

We are taking part to Unexpected mural festival in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

The Unexpected is a street art mural festival taking place in Downtown HQ in Fort Smith (Arkansas, USA) the week of  September 3-12, 2015. The artists: VHILS, D*FACE, ASKEW, ANA MARÍA, MASER, ROA, BICICLETA SEM FREIO. We were invited by Street art news to the Printology setting. The exhibition is about street art limited edition prints (mostly ours prints ). Fort Smith, we are coming!
18 Agosto 2015

Bikismo | “Chrome Dog”

Puerto Rican street artist Bikismo created a stunningly photorealistic chrome dog mural for the Raw Project at the Jose De Diego Middle School during the latest Art Basel Miami. The street piece took about four days and was painted entirely with spray, reflecting objects and scenes from the surrounding area giving an incredible 3D feeling. The artist worked in collaboration with JustKids and us to create this screen-printed version of his most famous artwork. After several […]
15 Giugno 2015

Bicicleta Sem Freio X PangeaSeed

Thanks to StreetArtNews and JUSTKIDS we are proud to present “Hammer Time”, a brand new limited edition screen-print by Bicicleta Sem Freio created in order to support the good lads from non-profit association PangeaSeed. PangeaSeed’s mission is to contribute to the protection of sharks, our oceans and marine life by undertaking actions that encourage environmental activism and sustainable consumption choices. Through volunteer activism, research and the various mediums of art, music film and photography, PangeaSeed aims […]
27 Maggio 2015

12 Years & New House Party!

Grazie a tutti per averci regalato un compleanno/inaugurazione fantastico! Ci ricorderemo questo 23Maggio per un bel po’! Un ringraziamento speciale va alle bands, ai djs e tutti gli amici che ci hanno aiutato e supportato! We ♥ you!
13 Maggio 2015

Sericraft Party!

Sericraft festeggia i suoi 12 anni di stampa, ma soprattutto, inaugura la nuova sede ai Docks Dora! Dalle 16 apriremo le porte del laboratorio al pubblico, venite a vedere da vicino la nostra nuova casa. Per tutto il pomeriggio, La mostra “We Print” sarà esposta all’interno del lab. Giocando in casa, come poteva mancare una stampa live! Dalle 19 Aperitivo con bands dal vivo, degustazione di birra belga, buffet.. Durante tutto il giorno e fino […]
11 Maggio 2015

DZIA – New Print

DZIA is a Belgian artist and something of an enigma in the Antwerp area. A fine artist in every sense, the creations of DZIA range from paintings, through sculpture to taxidermy and street works. DZIA is widely known for his incredibly detailed animal street art pieces. His signature style uses bold geometric lines, that make his work pop out even more, especially if he paints in abandoned areas. The artist spent a few days in our […]
30 Aprile 2015

SAVE THE DATE! 23 Maggio 2015

Venite a trovarci il 23 Maggio per festeggiare il 12° Compleanno sericraft e inaugurare la nostra nuova sede, in via Valprato 68. Stay Tuned for details!